Danby Lemon Soft Wax:

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Danbys Lemon Soft Wax is specially formulated to remove hair shaft. Lemon Soft wax is adhere more to the skin and is better pulling out fine and course hair. It is safer and easy to use as compared to the other waxes. Infused with natural Lemon that helps to reduce hair growth. It has gentle effect on all delicate and sensitive areas and ideal for all type of hair and skin without irritating skin.

Formulated with liquid glucose and Lemon natural ingredients that inhibits hair growth. Removes hair quickly and helps protect and restoring skin moisture level.

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How to Use:

Step: 1

Heat wax until it has a thin. Syrup like texture (in summer no need to heat the wax)


With wooden spatula, apply a thin layer of wax to skin in the direction of hair growth. Place epilating strip over waxed area:

Smooth firmly in the direction of hair growth.

Step: 3

Hold skin tight. Pull epilating strip quickly in opposite direction of hair growth.

Keep epilate strip close to the skin.

Step: 4

After area has been completely waxed, apply Danbys soothing lotion to remove any wax residue on skin surface.

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